rude awakening

stardust crusader

about the artist.

Maren Lovey La'iYana Wright-Kerr is a multi award winning multimedia artist and poet from Baltimore. Maren is a young black non-binary woman, inspired by imagining afr0futurist realities where nature and technology collide, capitalism and fascism breathe their dying breaths on planet earth, to give birth to a truly sustainable reality. Her works most often visits themes of healing, freedom, empathy, honor, authenticity, black womanhood, and spirituality. She has been Baltimore City's Youth Poet Laureate, as well as a National Youth Poet Ambassador representing the Northeast region. She is also a Youngarts Winner. She has studied Visual Art, Film, and 2D Animation at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Lovey asserts her inner godliness and create life with her hands. Email her @ or dm @afr0delic on Instagram for commissions and bookings.